Sydsvenskan och feminismen

I söndagens ledare ger sig Sydsvenskan i kast med skolan och det problematiska med att pojkar inte presterar lika bra som flickor i skolan. Slutsatsen som dras är att det är bristen på feminism i skolan som är problemet. Nu är det inte den fakta som Sydsvenskan använder i sin ledare som är det stora … Fortsätt läsa Sydsvenskan och feminismen


Swebbtv: Vem granskar granskaren?

Swebbtv är en av Sveriges snabbast växande alternativmedia. Ämnen som man hanterar är naturligtvis politik, men även migration, klimat, läkemedelsbolag etc. Swebbtv ligger en bra bit högerut på den politiska skalan, men trots det har de oftast en bra höjd i sina inslag, ofta med tunga, välutbildade kommentatorer. Den mest kände är Lars Bern. Swebbtv … Fortsätt läsa Swebbtv: Vem granskar granskaren?

Sophism and N Y Times: When Bullshit Walks

On the 10th of August, N Y Times published an article about the growing nationalism in Sweden. As a Swede, and as a commentary on various subjects in Swedish society, I can without any doubt label their article as first class rubbish.  NY Times is telling a heartbreaking story about how the most progressive country … Fortsätt läsa Sophism and N Y Times: When Bullshit Walks

Climate Rhetorics and Mass Shootings

“I want you to panic”. The famous words from Greta Thunberg are celebrated as one of the cornerstones in the war on climate change. But what reactions are triggered by such a statement? What happens when individuals panic and snap under their own anxiety? President of environmental progress, Michael Shellenberger writes an article about the … Fortsätt läsa Climate Rhetorics and Mass Shootings

The Climate War: Shut Down by Google

Last week a major Swedish Youtube-channel,, was shut down by Google. No warnings or other communication were issued on Googles behalf prior the shut down. The formal excuse for shutting Swebbtv down was that Google mean that the channel encouraged and was a plattform for hate speech. During the week other information started to … Fortsätt läsa The Climate War: Shut Down by Google

Why the Paris Treaty will Fall

If you where in charge, would you pay 2000 billion dollars a year to lower the global temperature by 0.05 centigrades until year 2100? Of course you wouldn't. Nobody in their right mind would spend that kind of money on something that doesn't make any difference what so ever. But everybody would like to be … Fortsätt läsa Why the Paris Treaty will Fall

Why God isn’t Watching

Is it reasonable for a scientist to believe in god? Is it reasonable to even think that it's a valid question from a scientific point of view? The fast answer should be "no". A scientist should not believe in things that she or he can't prove. But then the opposing argument will be: "There's a … Fortsätt läsa Why God isn’t Watching