The Swedish Situation – Why Trump is Lying

The Covid-19 situation is still hammering down hard on many countries. At the moment, USA has an explosive development, with 2000 deaths per day. Right in this mess, President Trump, for some reason chose to focus on Sweden. It’s a strange tactic.

Sweden might be the only country that has chosen not to lock down. Actually ( since I’m a Swede, so you might consider this first hand information) the society is working fairly normal. The strain on small business owners is monumental and the health care sector is also struggling, but so far we don’t have a situation even close to what’s going on in USA right now.

Does that mean that Sweden has a superior tactics? Well, no. First of all, that’s way to early to say. Secondly, what might work in Sweden might not work in the USA. That would also be the most reasonable rhetoric approach from Mr. Trump’s point of view: what might work in Sweden wouldn’t work in the US.

So far, Sweden has 870 deaths. USA has 18 777 deaths. Every death is a tragedy. But the most tragic thing is that Mr. Trump chose not to focus on leading USA trough this severe times. Instead, he’s projecting his own shortcomings on Sweden. The only thing that I can say for sure is: That won’t save American lives. Every second Mr. Trump focus on Sweden is a second that he doesn’t focus on USA.



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