The Jewish Question

This year, Sweden has stated that they will arrange an international conference against anti semitism. The socialist government has also decided to open a museum about the genocide, probably in the city of Malmoe in the south of Sweden. The subject and the presence of anti semitism is, from an international point of view, in no way a thing of the past, it’s quite the opposite. So an international conference and a museum would be a good thing, don’t you think?

Well it should be. But Sweden has a stigma from WWII that hardly anybody speaks about: 

The Swedish-Nazi collaboration. During WWII Sweden was one of Nazi-Germany’s greatest supporters. During most of the war, when it still seemed that Germany had a chance to win, Sweden was on the German side. And that is a fact that the governments, former and present, has been keen to hide or at least put behind them. And why not, it’s a thing of the past. Or is it?

Well no. At least not for the Socialist Party. Actually the socialist government has done everything they possibly can to support every organisation that has termination of Israel on its agenda. It all started with Olof Palme, who opened the door to international politics for Yassir Arafat and the PLO. The socialist government today collaborates with a number of islamic organisations both internationally and at a domestic level. Organisations who want to annihilate Israel from the face of the earth. The socialist party is not the only ones with a shady agenda. The church in Sweden collaborates with the same type of organisations. But when it comes to the socialists, the collaboration goes so deep that they have actually signed agreements with islamic organisations in order to find a way to get muslim votes in Swedish elections. Some of the parts of the socialist party, like the “young socialists” (SSU) in Malmoe has an openly anti semitic agenda. Jews are actually leaving Malmoe because of the recurring harassments.

The international community shouldn’t allow the socialist government of Sweden to get away with this. They have clearly shown that they has not learned anything from the past. And above all, they haven’t repent and they prefer the company of organisations like Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood over Israel. 

So don’t buy it. See through the lies and the deception. See past the fake smile when Swedish socialist talk about anti semitism. And above all: Boycott the international conference and a the museum. It’s nothing but political posing and a cover up. Anti semitism is not dead in Sweden. The socialist party is the very thing that keeps it alive.



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