The Swedish Situation- brief follow-up

Two months ago I wrote a column about Mr Trump hammering down on Swedish Covid tactics instead of focusing on the USA. From that perspective I still find my piece relevant. But it’s also relevant and fair to comment om Swedish tactics. Because the fact is: Failure is actually the right word. Since quite some time, Sweden has the highest death rate in the world per capita (assuming that all countries report truthfully and correct) with a total death rate of 4676. Maybe it doesn’t sound that bad but Sweden is a 10 million country so actually the number is quite high.

So what went wrong? Well, the tactics to protect the elderly didn’t work. The socialist government, crouching behind the department of health, has not taken any actions what so ever to stop it. When citizens violate the law, for example when holding a public gathering in order to demonstrate against police brutality in the US, the Swedish police wait to break up the event far to long instead of handle the situation at once.

Swedish society is still working without major fallbacks. Sure, there are companies closing down, a health care sector on its knees and a public transportation system without commuters. And compared to other nordic countries, who took more extreme actions, is significantly lower.

It might be to early to speculate about the future but one thing is clear: the socialist government was not ready or capable to handle this virus.



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