The Swedish Situation- brief follow-up

Two months ago I wrote a column about Mr Trump hammering down on Swedish Covid tactics instead of focusing on the USA. From that perspective I still find my piece relevant. But it’s also relevant and fair to comment om Swedish tactics. Because the fact is: Failure is actually the right word. Since quite some … Fortsätt läsa The Swedish Situation- brief follow-up

The Jewish Question

This year, Sweden has stated that they will arrange an international conference against anti semitism. The socialist government has also decided to open a museum about the genocide, probably in the city of Malmoe in the south of Sweden. The subject and the presence of anti semitism is, from an international point of view, in … Fortsätt läsa The Jewish Question

The Swedish Situation – Why Trump is Lying

The Covid-19 situation is still hammering down hard on many countries. At the moment, USA has an explosive development, with 2000 deaths per day. Right in this mess, President Trump, for some reason chose to focus on Sweden. It’s a strange tactic. Sweden might be the only country that has chosen not to lock down. … Fortsätt läsa The Swedish Situation – Why Trump is Lying

The Tipping Point

Is there anyone who haven’t seen Greta Thunbergs’ speech in the UN? Is there anyone in their right state of mind who really think that Greta is? During her speech in the UN Greta Thunberg launched a full scale, frontal attack on her adversaries. Talking about her stolen childhood, her stolen future, mass extinction and … Fortsätt läsa The Tipping Point

Sweden and the Social Contract

Last Monday, a 30-year old female physician, carrying her infant in her arms, was gunned down in broad daylight, in a public street in Malmo. Since then, the debate on the so called "social contract" between the State and the citizens is overwhelming. And the question is: is the contract no longer valid? Sweden is … Fortsätt läsa Sweden and the Social Contract

Sophism and N Y Times: When Bullshit Walks

On the 10th of August, N Y Times published an article about the growing nationalism in Sweden. As a Swede, and as a commentary on various subjects in Swedish society, I can without any doubt label their article as first class rubbish.  NY Times is telling a heartbreaking story about how the most progressive country … Fortsätt läsa Sophism and N Y Times: When Bullshit Walks

Climate Rhetorics and Mass Shootings

“I want you to panic”. The famous words from Greta Thunberg are celebrated as one of the cornerstones in the war on climate change. But what reactions are triggered by such a statement? What happens when individuals panic and snap under their own anxiety? President of environmental progress, Michael Shellenberger writes an article about the … Fortsätt läsa Climate Rhetorics and Mass Shootings

The Climate War: Shut Down by Google

Last week a major Swedish Youtube-channel,, was shut down by Google. No warnings or other communication were issued on Googles behalf prior the shut down. The formal excuse for shutting Swebbtv down was that Google mean that the channel encouraged and was a plattform for hate speech. During the week other information started to … Fortsätt läsa The Climate War: Shut Down by Google